MADE51 brings the stunning crafts of artisan refugees to the world whilst enabling them to build a sustainable future for themselves and their families.

Every product in the MADE51 collection also works to preserve cultural traditions, create a sense of purpose for refugee artisans and gives the world a window into their rich vibrant communities.

MADE51 is brought to life by UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Together for Beirut

On 4 August 2020 Beirut suffered a massive, devastating explosion in their port. The blast left over 190 dead, 6500 injured and 300,000 homeless. On behalf of our Lebanese social enterprise partners and the Syrian refugees they collaborate with in Beirut, we are proud to be able to offer you a beautiful, symbolic way to support their recovery.

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Our Story

At MADE51 we bring beautiful hand-made crafts created by refugee artisans to the global market. Every product sold helps refugees build sustainable livelihoods whilst continuing to celebrate and maintain long-held artistic traditions.

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Incredible Craftsmanship

Our collections weave together rich craft with fresh design to create a unique visual fusion of heritage and modernity.

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