Bringing Beautiful, Refugee-made products to a global market

MADE51 is brought to life by UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency, a global organization dedicated to saving lives. protecting rights, and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities, and stateless people.


MADE51 helps refugees build sustainable livelihoods whilst continuing to celebrate and maintain their long-held artistic traditions.

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Incredible Craftsmanship

Our collections weave together rich craft and fresh design to create a unique fusion of heritage and modernity.

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Craftsmanship & Heritage

When refugees flee, they carry with them the traditions, skills, knowledge, and craftsmanship. From the leather work of the Tuareg to the fine embroidery of the Syrians - MADE51 creates a way for refugees to sustain artistic traditions and preserve their culture.

Income & Opportunity

Refugees often leave behind their livelihood when fleeing violence. MADE51 offers refugee artisans a way to earn an income, and in doing, the opportunity to rebuild their livelihood and re-establish their independence.

Participation & Economic Inclusion

Through MADE51 refugees have a way to harness their artisanal skills and participate in the global economy, which allows them to add value to their host communities and secure their own futures.

Telling Powerful Stories

MADE51's products are not just beautifully crafted. They exude a the real essence of humanity. They tell the timely and important story of how refugees can rebuild their futures, and in doing so, act as powerful contributors to the world economy.

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"Refugees have skills and talents that only need a chance to grow and flourish. Within each piece lies a story of history and culture, and the chance for a person who has fled war and persecution to offer something of beauty and style to the world."

- Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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