African Anthology Trio
African Anthology Trio
African Anthology Trio

African Anthology Trio


This beautiful set of three completes your holiday decorating with each ornament handcrafted by refugee artisans across Africa. These ornaments represent hope and resiliency and are a symbol of solidarity with the refugee community. 

Give a gift that tells a story this holiday season. 
This set includes:

The Radiant Circle: Crafted by Burundian refugees returning home after decades in exile. Natural grass and recycled food ration bags are transformed into radiant discs that represent new opportunities for artisans as they rebuild their lives in their home country. Made in partnership with Womencraft. 

The Blossom of Hope: Crafted by internally displaced women living in a camp in a remote area of South Sudan, this intricate glass beading represents the blossoming of hope for brighter futures for their children. Made in partnership with Roots.  

The Rising Sun: Crafted by Burundian and Congolese refugees living in Rwanda, this sweetgrass basket is handwoven using a time-honoured weaving technique. The design represents the additional strength and persistence needed to rise again after being forced from home. Made in partnership with Indego Africa.

Note: These products are handmade and there will be slight variations in shape, size, and colour.

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