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Here are some questions we are frequently asked.

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General Queries

What does Artisan & Fox do?

We're an online marketplace offering curated craftsmanship by artisans across the developing world, and we pride ourselves on our focus on ethics, transparency and sustainability.

Different from other artisan-related enterprises, we provide a bespoke approach to bridge artisans in developing countries who are unable to access international markets independently. Our aim is to sustainably raise artisan incomes, by helping their micro-enterprises expand. Our model provides approximately 50% of the gross profits from each sale on the marketplace to the artisans in the interest of fair pricing and transparency.

We also aim to reduce gender inequality in patriarchal communities, preserve cultural heritage and nudge artisans towards more sustainable and eco-friendly production practices — all the while through ethically fashionable pieces that fit contemporary trends. We also engage in social projects to change the norm, from our Threads Of Syria initiative with Syrian refugees to our latest Thrive Transfers Fund to fund women artisans.


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Who should I contact for further enquiries?

For general enquiries and order enquiries, you can contact our team at Most queries are replied within 1 business day.