Syrian Symbols Trio
Syrian Symbols Trio

Syrian Symbols Trio


This beautiful set of three completes your holiday decorating with each ornament handcrafted by Syrian refugee artisans living in Lebanon and Turkey. These ornaments represent hope and resiliency and are a symbol of solidarity with the refugee community. 

Give a gift that tells a story this holiday season. 
This set includes:

The Celestial Light: Crafted by Syrian refugees living in Lebanon, this hand-crochet star symbolizes the dreams and aspirations of those displaced from their homes, which can shine as brightly as celestial lights in the night sky. Made in partnership with Tight Knit Syria

The Vibrant Butterfly: Crafted by Syrian refugees living in Lebanon, this richly embroidered butterfly is a metaphor for transformation and rebirth, and represents the vibrant culture that refugees contribute to their host communities. Made in partnership with Rim N Roll. 

The Brave Ibis: Crafted by Syrian refugee women living in Turkey, the Northern Bald Ibis is the national bird of Syria, symbolizing brilliance and splendor since the times of Ancient Egypt. Critically endangered, only a few of these brave birds can still be found. Made in partnership with Bebemoss. 

Note: These products are handmade and there will be slight variations in shape, size, and colour.

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