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AAKS is a Ghana-based social enterprise that specialise in hand-woven handbags. In 2018 AAKS became a MADE51 partner and began working with Malian refugee women in Burkina Faso. 
Most of these women are from the Tuareg ethnic group. The Tuareg are traditionally semi-nomadic people that inhabit vast areas of the Sahara. Their ability to thrive in the desert is built upon a rich heritage of craftsmanship - many Tuareg are born into 'artisan' castes and are trained from a young age in the art of metalwork, weaving or leatherwork. They use these skills to create objects that are both utilitarian - necessary for their survival in the desert - and decorative. 
AAKS and the refugee women created a line of lampshades that are reminiscent of the decorative food platter lids that the women traditionally made for celebratory events.